Nutrition Services

Nutrition Workshops

Amy presents customized fun, interactive and interesting workshops to a variety of communities – from corporate environments to small groups of friends. Popular topics include: Seasonal Eating, Tips and Tricks for the Holidays, Top 5 Nutrition Questions, and Super Smoothies.

Media and Consulting

Amy is a seasoned recipe developer and food writer after having created three cookbooks. She will write articles on a variety of healthy nutrition topics. She also consults for restaurants/businesses on ways to “healthify” menus and follow the current food trends, as well as providing nutrition analysis.

Nutrition Counseling

I’m just going to say it right away – we all know that there is no nutrition miracle pill that works for everyone! I believe in an tailored approach just for you – as working partners, we build a nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle, schedule, health goals, food preferences and overall needs. For many clients, an important part of their increased wellness is achieving a healthier and happier relationship with food. This is a major part of my practice. Nutrition counseling is offered for a wide variety of conditions including weight management, general health and wellness, mindful eating, pre/postnatal health, diabetes and heart health. I work with clients in-person or virtually. I will come see clients in Philadelphia and near suburbs.

Initial consultation (60 minutes, $120)

We discuss your main concerns and needs, current eating habits, weight history, health problems and goals. Together, we create an individualized and realistic nutrition plan that is based on your goals and fits your lifestyle.

Follow-up visits (30 minutes, $60)

We assess your goals and progress and figure out what tweaks are needed. Plenty of support and motivation is provided, as well as meal planning, recipes, educational handouts, tips and tricks for healthy cooking and perhaps a grocery tour if needed. Insurance is not accepted.